Do we produce Organic Dried Fruit?

We produce our products without any chemicalsWe are committed to organic dried fruit production, sustainable agriculture and sustainable living. We think carefully about the impact of our lives on the planet. So we don’t use any chemicals for growing or preserving our dried fruit.Sunay & Iyla eating Organic Dried Fruit 

Our website host offset their carbon emissions by tree planting in the Scottish Highlands and we also plant a considerable number

of fruit and fuel trees each year which we grow and graft ourselves.

Most of our fruit and vegetable growing is done by hand – we have a small tractor for clearing ground (scything was taking it’s toll!) and applying foliar fertilizers when necessary.

We do everything ourselves. We only use recycled card in our packaging and we even created this website.

An increasing part of our land is devoted to wildlife and woodland as we continue to create our Food Forest Garden. It’s even been suggested we should open as a Butterfly Sanctuary since we have so many Giant Monarch Butterflies, the result of allowing the native Milkweed to flourish rather than deterring it.

Overall our aim is that at the end of our lives we will leave the soil and ecosystems in a better condition than at the start.

The fruit we grow is produced to ethical and environmental standards.

But we’re not actually Certified Organic, due to the cost and bureaucracy involved. We’re not the only ones. Self regulation is becoming more popular in agriculture with people developing a faith in their producer rather than requiring a certificate from a regulatory body. The personal factor is returning, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about our procedures. In some countries the ever changing rules are even shortening the divide between conventional and organic agriculture. 
We’d rather be out growing food than filing in forms. 
Since we haven’t paid the fees for certification we must not advertise as selling Organic Dried Fruit.