farmimageWe are a small family business and have been producing Healthy Dried Fruit & Fruit Leather Snacks at Sunny’s Fruit Farm in southern Portugal since 2008. Since we grow all the Fruit we dry on our own Fruit Farm we can follow the progress of the Fruit throughout the seasons, harvesting only at the optimum time for maximum taste.  

Here at Sunny’s we can assure you that all the fruit produced by us is grown naturally. We only use naturally produced fertilisers to feed our trees. We underplant our orchard with green manures and do our harvesting and orchard management in line with the Biodynamic calendar. That means we farm using sensitive techniques following the rhythms of the planet to encourage wildlife and diversity.  Though we are small our aspirations are great.

We currently grow a whole range of fruit including oranges, satsumas, figs, plums, peaches, apricots, apples, pears, olive, and avocados. We have a whole orchard of some varieties but only a few specimens of others.                                                                        

Since moving to Sunny’s it has been hard work turning a 30 year old monoculture orchard run on a purely commercial basis into one now developing with  a conscious connection to our planet. Out went  the tractor and nitrate fertilizers as we welcomed in musle power, organic feeds, and a lighter form of orchard management incorporating many biodynamic and permaculture principles. As well as producing the dried fruit we sell at our farm, we also organically grow most of the vegetables our 4 strong vegetarian family eats.

At Sunny’s we are always planting more trees, an investment for the coming years, many of which we have actually produced ourselves. In supporting our business not only will you be contributing to our dried fruit production and your own healthy diet, but you will be helping us and our eco web hosts (who also plant trees in Scotland on our behalf) to continue planting more trees for our future.