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Mandarin’s are members of the citrus family just like our Dried Oranges and Satsuma Segments but they each taste slightly different. Satsuma’s are tiny versions of regular oranges, and they have a tart, tangy and slightly sweet flavour, whereas Dried Mandarin’s are considered overall sweeter and richer.

We grow Encore Mandarin’s which are a late-ripening variety originating from a cross between King Tagor and Willowleaf Mandarin made by H.B. Frost and was introduced in 1965. This variety is seldom found commercially due to it’s multiple seeds which make drying an arduous task, and the difficulty to produce them without ‘rind spots’ which makes them considered unpleasing on the eye. Here in Portugal however they are regarded highly, by those who know citrus, for their superior flavour.

As with all citrus varieties Encore Mandarins are know to contain Vitamin’s C, B6, Thiamin & Folate as well as Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Copper.

Since these Dried Mandarin Pieces, like all our Dried Fruit, contain no preservatives they are dried to a very low moisture content. Other Dried Fruit manufacturer’s add moisture and preservatives after drying to stop food from spoiling and to create a heavier and artificially juicier product. With our Dried Fruit you get a healthy product with nothing added as well as more for your money. These Mandarin pieces are the perfect snack out of the packet or added chopped to Muesli or homemade Granola. They are also delicious soaked in a little water and added to cakes and yogurt.

This product is GM & Gluten Free, and produced using no chemicals



Our Mandarin’s are picked between March and April which is later than most citrus meaning that they actually mature on the tree for a longer period of time. After picking and washing they are simply divided into segments by hand before being laid out to air dry in our specially equipped machines. After 12 hours the pips are removed by hand before the drying continues for a total of 24 hours. Even though we try our very best to remove every pip please be aware that occasionally one may remain.

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