Fig Cheese

(Queijo De Figo)

Best enjoyed by adults!!

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Looking for something extra special? Then here it is – Our extra special gluten free cake “Fig Cheese” or “Queijo De Figo”

Made from a very old recipe these 100g Traditional Portuguese Confectionaries are truly delicious and unique. At the first bite you will realise what you have been missing…(this gluten free cake “Fig Cheese” contains no cheese)

With our own Sun Dried Figs, locally produced Almonds and Carob powder our Fig Cheese is a classic example of food preservation from times past and a great lesson for the future.

As well as 50% Dried Figs and 25% locally grown Almonds it also contains Natural Cane Sugar, Carob powder, Anise, Cinnamon & Lemon zest, all ingredients essential to maintaning the authenticity of this dried Portuguese delicacy.

Warning – This product contains Natural Cane Sugar. We are experimenting with replacing this with our own naturally sweet Grape juice.

Our Fig Cheese is created by initially heating water in a pan and adding all ingredients until a thick, syrupy liquid is formed. Then chopped and roasted Figs and ground Almonds are added. The mixture is then stirred together before being poured out into moulds to set.



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